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10-Jul-2018: The web pages are coming from inside the house! Static IP + Mac mini + UPS + minimal apache2 skillz = direct control over our sites. Long live vi index.html.
3-Dec-2006: I have a blog. See pictures of my power tools there.
19-Mar-2005: I hope the new canopy in the back yard, shading my hammock, proves more durable than the last one.
7-Nov-2004: Shipped Measure 1.0 for Mac OS X.
25-Apr-2004: I have a canopy in the back yard, shading my hammock. (October update: It only lasted 6 months exposed to the weather.)
18-Feb-2003: I have an easy-to-update Wiki now, including various pages such as Stories About Dave.
29-Jan-2003: Building a Craft Table.
23-Mar-2002: Corrugated bracing; Garage shelves detail.
2-Feb-2002: Added amazon.com wish lists & more friends.
16-Aug-2001: &LYONS(DAVE) and chemist.
23-Jul-2001: Notes from old BayCHI meetings & AI seminars.
28-Apr-2001: I own 3 cubic yards of gravel.
[picture of Dave Lyons, Sarah Lyons, Tom]
Tom, Sarah, and Dave (May 22, 1999)

Sarah's web site: wickedsmileys.com.

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Personal Info

I married Sarah Lyons on May 22, 1999, and we moved into a house in San Jose the first week of July the same year.

Since 1989 I've worked for Apple Computer, Inc. From 1989 to 1999 I lived in Cupertino, California. Before that, I lived in North Liberty, Iowa, went to Penn Elementary, Northwest Junior High, and West High, all in the Iowa City Community School District (ICCSD), and attended the University of Iowa in Iowa City. I graduated in December 1988 from the computer science department.

You can read a description of my personality type.

Current Projects

At home

At work

Dave: The Early Years (1967 to 1989)

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1989 to present (California):

Family Pictures:

Sarah pictures & stuff:

You can see what Sarah is selling on eBay.

She also has a wish list on Amazon.com.

Wedding pictures

The year before the wedding, Sarah and I stayed at a bed and breakfast called The Country Rose Inn.

Other assorted pictures:

Home automation

Weird stuff I designed and built:

Interesting stuff I bought:

I bought a house in June, 1999 and have added phone jacks and Cat 5 network jacks both upstairs and downstairs. Home Tech's web pages and staff were very helpful. I had to crawl under the house as well as in the attic, open up drywall, and buy a 16"-long drill bit. I didn't do a detailed write-up, but Andy McFadden wrote about his wiring project.


Links to humor

My relatives

Some friends' pages

Professors & Instructors

Some Random Things Dave Likes

Macintosh software I've worked on

Apple Mac OS logo

Apple II software I wrote

Nifty List, Davex, and DIcEd used to be Shareware. They are now freeware, and someday I'll package these up and donate them to the Lost Classics project. (If you care, remind me.)

February and March 2002: I helped Rich Dreher with the firmware & software for his CFFA board: Compact Flash for Apple II. — The firmware presents the storage to the Apple II as one or more block devices, using the ProDOS and SmartPort conventions.

2006: I wrote most of the firmware for Rich Dreher's CFFA1 board for the Apple 1 and replicas. — This was a different sort of project. Instead of presenting the storage to a host operating system as a block device, it's a menu system (and small API) that implements simple file operations on ProDOS-formatted volumes. It supports a single level of subdirectories and reads/writes entire files at a time.

A great Apple II resource is A2Central.

Other software I wrote

Interesting stuff on the Web

Rumors & Legends


Government Info

Local Stuff (San Jose, CA & nearby)

Artificial Intelligence and Language Processing

Human-Computer Interaction


Risks to the Public from Computers and Computer-Related Systems

Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else.

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