Dave & Sarah's Wedding

Waiting for the Bride................

Dave & Mom Dave & Mom
Mom is trying to fix my cuff link....I wonder where Sarah is??? Mom Pinning my boutinerre on my lapel....Sarah is late....

Dave & Thomas
Both the Moms ( Caryl & Nona)
Hey Dave, are you sure you know how to pin that??? Hey, where's Mom?
I wonder where Sarah is??? Umm, we will just pose for the nice Photographer while we wait. Don't we look Marvelous?!

Greg & Dave Poppo & Caryl
Do we look great or what?! We both have the cool facial hair thing going on. Poppo is getting pinned and can't wait for the action to start! The camera is primed and ready to go!


Still waiting for the Bride..............

Thomas & Grandma

Thomas and Grandma got the best seats in the house!

 Kristin, Tammy, Shana and Julie...........Mary as the invisable Woman............

Hey wait! Weren't there supposed to be 5 of you?????

The Bride made it!!!!!

Gabrielle, Catherine, Stephanie, Samantha and me!

Mary, Shana, Julie, Me, Tammy, Kristin and Samatha in front.

Don't we look fantasic!!!!! We look marvelous!!!!  All my best friends and my wonderful neices!

Julie and me

My very best friend! We are beautiful!


My son and me The Bride and her Mother
Thomas the man!!!! My mom giving me a kiss on the most wonderful day of my life!

Caryl/Mom and the Bride Me kissing Thomas
Hey Mom, I didn't lose your pearls.....yet....  I had to have at least one mussy picture with my son--this is it!


It's Ceremony time! Going where we have never gone before...................

Andy and Bride's Mom, looking goood!  Greg and Groom's Mom, looking good!

Ladies, don't out shine the Bride!!!

Kristin , stunning!  Mary, the missing Bridesmaid.  She was worth the wait!

Samantha sprinkling the rose petals. Look at her beautiful smile!!!!


Here comes the bride!

Jerry and I walking down the aisle! Doesn't my brother look great in a tux!

Me trying not to cry and Dave trying not to cry and my brother caught in the middle!


There is a second page of pictures.