Sarah and Dave's Wedding, Page 2

My Two Men My Big Brother and My Wonderful Husband


Sharp-dressed Men

Thomas, Dave, Sarah, Jeffrey  Hey, ladies, two of them are single!

Beautiful Bridal Party

Tammy, Mary, Julie, Sarah, Dave, Kristin, Shana

then out in front: the beautiful and talented Miss Fallon and Miss Samantha

The Gang's All Here

Don't we look marvelous?


And introducing...The Nicholases Andy, Michele, and Renee


The Reception

Mr. Tangent is Making His Toast


Hey, we finally got to eat!


And the dancing begins....

Look, it's Fred and Ginger.

It's hokey-pokey time!



Let's all do the Macarena!

You're Unforgettable
Look at the Lovebirds.



Sarah's Family

Jerry, Kristin, Rachel, Jimmy, Dave, Sarah, Bill, Nona, Aunt Jo, Uncle Fuzzy
and out in front is Samantha and Thomas

Dave's Family

Tim, Janet, Aunt Lu, Eric, Laurie, Erin, Dave, Sarah, Bill, Caryl, Hashir, Julie and Little Maryam
Out in front is Poppo and Grandma Lee with Thomas

Andy took pictures of our wedding, and Lisa took pictures too.

More pictures to come.  And if you have pictures of our wedding, please send them along!