DimCalc: A Dimensional Calculator

DimCalc is a postfix calculator that lets you attach physical units to your numbers. This is similar the HP-48 calculators from Hewlett-Packard, but I wrote DimCalc in 1986, years before the HP-48 existed.

For what it's worth, here is the documentation, C source code, and data files for DimCalc (remove .txt from the filenames to use these files). Some day I will update the code to ANSI C, add a real user interface, and provide a pre-compiled version that will run on a Macintosh.

The inspiration for DimCalc was the article A Unit-Conversion Algorithm, by David L. Kahn in the March, 1985, issue of Byte magazine. This is also where I got most of the units for the unit.data file.

(At the end of the article the author offers, for a small fee, to send a 360K MS-DOS floppy, or a TRS-80 cassette tape.)

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